Chuck’s Of Hawaii

Award Winning Steaks,Wines & Seafood Since 1967!


The Story of Chuck’s Steakhouse of Hawaii – Santa Barbara

In 1961, a fresh-out-of-college, Larry Stone set out to explore Hawaii, Australia, and Polynesia—with the goal of surfing and skin-diving wherever, whenever possible. While waiting tables and bartending in Sydney, Australia, Larry began to develop an awareness of how to effectively run a business. With that hands-on knowledge, an entrepreneurial spirit, and financial endorsement from good friend, Chuck Rolles—Founder of the original Chuck’s in Hawaii, Larry was ready to open his own restaurant. The goal was simple: Quality food, in an informal setting. He thought Santa Barbara, CA would be the ideal place for such a restaurant, but his vision of quality food paired with a laid-back Hawaiian theme left many area landlords shaking their heads in disapproval. That is, all but one. Fortunately, Larry met the late Harold Sumida, whose (then) newly constructed two-story building on Santa Barbara’s Upper State Street was in need of one additional tenant. In 1967, Larry opened the doors to Chuck’s Steak house of Hawaii.

For 56 years, the restaurant has stayed true to sole owner, Larry’s vision. Its tiki torches burn bright; its interior has been a sea of Captain’s chairs and hatch-cover tables—a nod to sailing and traveling the South Pacific.

Today, patrons are able to have an exceptional experience, create new memories, and yes—for many, reminisce about the celebrations and times spent in one of their most beloved Santa Barbara destinations for dining and entertaining.

We take great pride in our unwavering commitment to meeting each and every guest’s individual taste and exceeding expectations. We accomplish this by:

  • Serving only the highest quality hand-cut steaks , and an array of the best local and imported seafood
  • Procuring the freshest produce for our salad bar
  • Offering an award-winning wine selection—Winner of the Wine Spectator’s Award of Excellence, 36 years and counting
  • Providing exemplary service and hospitality
  • Chuck’s of Hawaii—a monument of Santa Barbara’s Upper-State Street, leaving a lasting impression on the heart, mind, and palate.